Holly McCord Duncan

Holly McCord Duncan
Owner and College Expert at Smart College Admission

Owner and College Expert at Smart College Admission

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Navigating the road to college can be overwhelming!
Smart College Admission provides the roadmap you need to find your way. First, I offer experience. I’ve done this many times and know the right way to do it. Second, I offer a plan to make sure you are prepared to present yourself in the best light. Finally, I offer personal attention so you discover a college where you will thrive as you pursue your dreams. Guided by my expertise, you can avoid common mistakes, reduce stress, and maybe save some money!

I decode the mysteries of college readiness.
There are numerous choices to make regarding academics in high school and the inevitable challenges that pop up along the way. Maybe you are one of those rare students for whom everything fell into place, but I often encounter more challenging scenarios. Maybe a class that was harder than expected, a learning disability that went undiagnosed, or a year that went off the rails due to personal issues. Regardless of the circumstances, you CAN attend college. I will help you determine which schools are a good match for your goals and needs.

To get to that point, I develop comprehensive plans with my clients. Plans start as early as the summer prior to freshman year and continue throughout senior year. I meet regularly with students and their parents to offer advice and update the path according to evolving interests, challenges, and opportunities.

I see you as a whole person, not just an academic machine.
If you’re looking for a holistic approach that combines the overall vision of a seasoned academic counselor with the regular attention of a passionate teacher, your search is over. I firmly believe that not all learning happens in a classroom and your grades don’t tell the whole story. You have a lifetime to discover new talents and passions, this is only the beginning! I want students to reach their potential and do it by seeking a balance of challenge and support in the right environment.

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